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Hinna is a very common verb that means ‘to be on time’ or, alternatively, ‘to find the time’. If you’re trying to catch the bus, you’d say, Hoppas att jag hinner till bussen (‘Hopefully I’ll make the bus on time’).


This word describes someone who refuses to get into the water, such as a pool or lake.


Think of it as a word that roughly describes something as being a chore. Livet är så jobbigt! (‘Life is so difficult!’) is just one example.

What Do You Know About the Dialects of the Swedish Language?

Standard Swedish

Standard Swedish, which is derived from the dialects spoken in the capital region around Stockholm, is the language used by virtually all Swedes and most Finland-Swedes.


The Scanian is treated as a South Swedish dialect group in Swedish dialect research. However, many of the early Scandinavian linguists considered Old Scanian a separate language.


In the Dalecarlian dialect group, even speakers of different sub-dialects can not understand each other. This group of dialects is commonly spoken in the Älvdalen municipality that has a population of 1,500 inhabitants.

The Fascinating World of the Swedish Grammar

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    There are strong and weak adjectives. In the strong form, a distinction is made between the common gender and neuter. In the weak declension, there is one general form.

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    The definite and indefinite articles agree with the noun in gender and number in the singular, e.g., en dag ‘a day’, dagen ‘the day’, dagarna ‘the days’.

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    Verbs can be weak or strong. Weak verbs add endings to the root of the verb to form the preterit. Strong verbs undergo a vowel change in the root, often with no ending added. There are several classes of strong verbs.

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